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We are motivated to create a culture of success that will inspire you to not only be successful in your own goals but also help you to become a positive accelerator of change in the lives of those around you. Become part of the family at Fitness Life Studios and help us fuel the vision of success for our community.

Body Bar 

Body Bar Body Bar – A full body barbell class designed to get your heart racing and muscles pumping! Run […]


Step and More Step – A choreographed routine designed to improve your aerobic fitness whilst giving you a full […]

Summer bodies 

You’ve heard the saying’s over and over again. “Summer bodies are built in the Winter” and your “abs are […]

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What Our Clients Say ?

I first joined the gym to maintain my general fitness and improve my strength and muscle tone. I have been a member of other larger gyms before however I really enjoy the smaller more personal feel FLS has and I feel much more comfortable and much less self-conscious working out here. I genuinely enjoy exercise however after a few months of coming to the gym regularly I began to get bored with my initial workout and found that it wasn’t as challenging anymore. I also wanted to see better results so I decided to begin pt sessions with Daniel. The new workouts were fun and challenging and I started noticing changes to my weight and muscle tone within the first month. Strength and weight exercises that I would have never even considered doing before became part of my regular workouts and I noticed huge improvements to my strength.