Summer bodies

You’ve heard the saying’s over and over again. “Summer bodies are built in the Winter” and your “abs are made in the Kitchen”. How about this winter you take control of the kitchen and let us take charge of your training program by implementing these tips.

1) Get Educated to get Motivated.

When do you learn? For me it’s in the car on the way to and from work. Podcasts… If you don’t listen to them, start now. My 2 most recommended channels for you to download are The Tim Ferris Show and The ATP Project. You can find amazing information on Nutrition, Training and Life hacks. Every Podcast I listen to I get more and more motivated to implement or pass on what I learn. Weather can be a motivation killer so start stoking the motivation fire with quality education.

2) Get Accountable

This starts with visually and verbally acknowledging you still have a clear goal. Do you? If the answer is yes then how do you know what it is and how you are going to get there? What I am trying to say is do you have a plan and can you see it everyday, (on the fridge, stuck on the mirror, computer/mobile screen background) is it the first and last thing you see? Who have you shared your plan with? Not just your goal but your plan… and do they have permission to check on how you are going? This stuff isn’t rocket science but we pay huge dollars to hear motivational speakers tell us time and time again that without seeing it, saying it and doing it daily chances are it’s not going to happen.

3) Put your money where your mouth is.

Take this tip however it best works for you, some people might put a bet on achieving their goal with some mates. The wager is, I bet 5 of my mates that want to see me succeed in life 20bucks that I can drop 5kg in 4weeks. If I lose, I lose $100 if I win and my mates pay up also and I win $100. Money is an amazing incentive to stick to your goal… Win and repeat!

4) How do you value your health? Don’t know? Figure it out!

We put a value on everything in this day and age. Not sure what you value most look at these things… What do you do the most in your day and what do you spend the most on?
Work, Mortgage, Rent, TV, Food, Family…
How much of your hard earned money and your ever decreasing time (reality check… we all have the same 24hours, some just know how to use it better) do you invest into your health? That’s right my friends, invest. Do you see your health as you see an investment property or a share portfolio? Do you research to the enth degree the pro’s and con’s, the risk and the reward? Do you pay a professional for advice to manage those investments and do you regularly look at the reports? When the investment pay’s off do you enjoy the benefit’s and do something amazing or even better do you re-invest again and again so your portfolio increases and the benefit’s will not only become bigger and better but they will be around longer and can be passed on to the next generation?

5) Figure out a way to make your training fun.

Don’t dread the grind; don’t go running back to the excuse gift shop. Look forward to the session. Some find fun in the numbers, tracking the stats. Some need a training buddy to joke around with and share in the sweat and pain. Some need gamification… Gamify your training. This is the new craze about to hit our industry through tracking technology and setting challenges. If you haven’t seen the clip yet check this out and get excited as we’ll be putting this in the club asap!

Rowan Mumford


Fitness Life Studios

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