Terms and conditions

Package Conditions – ‘Club Rules’

  1. Members are required to bring a towel for use in every area of the Club at all times.
  2. Members must return weights after use each and every time and dropping of weights is not permitted. Weight bars must be returned to barbell rack and not left leaning against walls or left on floor. All weights are to be taken off of weight loaded machines after use. Dumbbells above 10kg are not allowed off matted areas.
  3. Bags are not allowed to be carried around the gym and must stay in supplied storage area.
  4. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the club unsupervised.
  5. Enclosed shoes must be worn at all times.
  6. Deliberate damage of any items at Fitness Life Studios by you will automatically make you liable for its repairs.
  7. Prices and conditions subject to change without notice.
  8. in consideration of and as a condition of acceptance of my entry at Fitness Life Studios for myself, heirs, executors and administration, hereby waive all claim right of course of action which I might have or suffer or sustain in the course of or consequent upon by attendance or participation at Fitness Life Studios at any time whilst on the premises whether a member or not, I attend at my own risk.