Why should you mobilise your joints before a work out?

Mobilising a Joint before a workout will:

Increase joint range of motion/flexibility
Increased range of motion at the joint will allow a larger degree of movement. Think sitting deeper in a squat, lowering yourself deeper in a dip etc.

Increased muscle fibre recruitment
With this new-found range of motion, sitting deeper in a squat will recruit a larger number of muscle fibres to complete the lift. Think sitting deeper will place a larger mechanical stress (stretch) on the Glute Max therefore requiring more muscle fibres leading to increased hypertrophy/strength gains.

Clearing joint impingement
Have you ever felt like a limiting factor of joint mobility may not be muscle related?

Quick ankle test: Stand in a lunge position and move your front knee as far forward over your toes as you can without your heel lifting. If you can feel a ‘block’ at the front of your ankle then you may be impinging the joint. Clearing joint impingement will allow the ball and socket joint to slide and glide efficiently while maintaining correct joint mechanics.

Overall mobilising a joint will reap benefits in and out of the gym leading to increased range of motion, strength, flexibility and may start to repair your body after all your dirty daily habits (sitting down and wearing high hills all day just to mention a few).

Thomas Moore

Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning coach

(Fitness Life Studios)

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